The Golf Kinetics Program is a unique scientific assessment of your Swing and Body Mechanics. It is designed to give you a feedback on the various aspects of your swing, pressure shift and insight towards improvement

  • Two hours of intensive scientific evaluation and evidence based feedback
  • First time in India
    1. 3D Biodynamics - measured by six sensors
    2. BodiTrak Pressure Mat - measures pressure shift during the back swing and down swing
    3. Trackman - detailed swing and ball trajectory analysis
    4. Recommendations
  • Range usage and balls paid directly to host course
  • All reports will be mailed in pdf format
  • Timing: 9:30 to 11:30 am
  • Only one player per day. Book early
  • Other Programs (one hour): 3 D Biodynamics - Rs. 3500 plus GST; Boditrak Analysis - Rs. 3500 plus GST; Capto Putting - Rs. 3500 plus GST. Whatsapp 7827998827 for appointment
  • Ratio of student to coach 1:1

Price : Rs. 6000 plus GST per player

Rs. 7080/-per player including GST