(Monday to Friday – 8 am to 5 pm)

CORE is a camp for intermediate level players. A comprehensive program to provide golfers with training in all areas of development and a clear path forward for improvement. Will help sharpen your tournament preparation.

  • Five days of intensive golf with technical, mental & physical conditioning & course management/strategy.
  • Includes ten hours of golf instruction
  • 1. Three individual classes
  • 2. Video Swing Analysis
  • 3. Short game (chipping, pitching, bunker)
  • 4. Long game/swing mechanics
  • 5. Putting
  • Includes three rounds of golf
  • On course strategy and management
  • TPI screening, strength & physical fitness/conditioning (3x per week)
  • Club fitting session if required **
  • Sports Psychology **
  • Unlimited balls /Driving Range usage
  • Ratio of student to coach 4:1
** Eligible to attend monthly sessions

Rs. 23,600/-per player, per week including GST
(Caddie fee & tips not included)